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Object security traits are protections employed by user interface objects to restrict actions that can be taken by insecure code, such as addons.

Protected regions[]

Introduced in Patch 2.0.1, protected regions disallow the modification of secure execution attributes, positioning information, sizing, and visibility of regions during combat from insecure code.

Forbidden objects[]

Introduced in Patch 5.4.0, forbidden objects disallow insecure code from calling almost all methods on objects under all circumstances.

Anchor restricted regions[]

Introduced in Patch 8.2.0, anchor restricted regions disallow the querying of positional information of regions from insecure code, and the creation of anchors that would result in a region being positioned relative to two distinct anchor families simultaneously.

Inaccessible objects[]

Introduced in Patch 10.1.0, inaccessible objects are entities for which a reference cannot be obtained through any object methods, and whose named identity may be obscured.

  • Inaccessible regions are used by the Private Auras UI.
  • At present there is no dedicated method through which a region can be tested for inaccessibility.
  • The Object:GetDebugName() method will always return a string of the form "$parent.inaccessible", with ".inaccessible" being repeated for each inaccessible and unnamed parent object in the object tree.
  • The Object:GetParentKey() method will always return nil.
  • The Frame:GetChildren() and Frame:GetRegions() methods will never return inaccessible child objects even if the caller is secure.

Patch changes[]