NeutralObservational Records
Start Ta'nasi [64.7, 25.5]
End Ta'nasi [64.7, 25.5]
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Type Daily
Category Korthia
Reputation +75 Death's Advance

Observation Device.

There are several iterations of the Observational Records daily quest in Korthia, varying only by their location.


Collect 5 Observational Records from <location> in Korthia.


Greetings, Maw Walker, a moment of your time?

As you no doubt know, my cartel has quietly spread observational devices all across Korthia. But that data is no good to us if it is not retrieved. Which is where you come in.

The <location> records should be ready to collect. You won't see the devices themselves, but the data will appear to you as a bright orb.

Bring those data to me, and I will reward you handsomely.


You will receive:


Have you retrieved the observational records from <location>?


Mauler's Outlook
Excellent, this data will serve us well. We can begin to answer some of our questions about Korthia, and the Mauler's Outlook. Was it always home to such terrible creatures, or did was it something more?
And here is your reward, as promised.
Sanctuary of Guidance
The devourers have destroyed much of what might have been useful at the Sanctuary of Guidance. But this information will still prove valuable.
And here is your reward, as promised.
Scholar's Den
The Scholar's Den must have been a much different place before the Jailer's chains destroyed it. It is hardly a refuge for intellectual pursuits now.
This information is extremely valuable to us. And here is your reward, as promised.
Seeker's Quorum
The name "Seeker's Quorum" has puzzled me greatly since I learned of it. What are they seeking? What constitutes a Quorum? What did they do there?
These mysteries may be beyond us, or they may yet be revealed. And here is your reward, as promised.
Vault of Secrets
The Vault is reason why the Jailer targeted Korthia with his chains. Many secrets of the Shadowlands are archived there.
If we can just get a glimpse of how it works and what it holds, that information would be most valuable indeed.
And here is your reward, as promised.
Windswept Aerie
Places like the Aerie and Estuary must have been desolate even before all the destruction. What interesting creatures congregate there.
Will they all survive these changes? Will some adapt, and become even more fearsome?
Here is your reward, as promised.


Look for Observation Devices hovering near the ground in the selected quest area.

For the Vault of Secrets version of this quest, take the Flayedwing Transporter at [60.8, 28.5] at the Necrolord camp at Keeper's Respite.

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