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Not to be confused with beholder or darkglare.
For the warlock minion, see Observer (warlock minion).
Imprisoned Observer HS
Classification Demon
Faction/Affiliation Burning Legion, Illidari, Independent
Area(s) Great Dark Beyond
Sources: World of Warcraft

Observers (or floating eyes)[1] are an intelligent race of demons resembling floating eyeball squids. They are originally native to the Great Dark Beyond.[2] Looking through the Twisting Nether, observers have the capability to see through forms of stealth and invisibility.[3]


"It is the way of the Observer to bear witness to all things that come to pass."[4]



A plated crest covers the observers' forehead and top of the head. Gills are present on both sides of their bodies; below them, ten tentacles hang down. There's also a sphincter on their backside that can be seen contracting when observers fight and dilating when they die. When Observers fall asleep or die, they will fall to the ground.[5]

Adult members of the species feature two rows of teeth and seven eyes. Their eyes can shoot magic beams, with different types of magic coming from different eyes.[6] Young observers only have two big teeth and a single eye that can shoot magic. They are also far less aggressive than their adult counterparts.[5]

There are also examples of floating eyes using poison-based attacks, like Broggok.

Objectives and affiliation[]

The observers express a deep desire to bear witness to all forms of magic and are willingly offering their services in exchange for the opportunity to consume new forms of magic.[2]

Some observers have joined the Legion, but nothing suggests that the race is a member of it as a whole. Other individuals, including renegade demons like Culuthas, have gained the allegiance of observers to their own ends.[7] There are also examples of observers that pledged allegiance to no one but themselves, like Xeleth who was worshiped as a god by Zangarmarsh's native creatures.[8]

Some observers joined the Illidari, among which some have stayed around Outland despite and since Illidan's death.[9]


The ritual to summon an observer is complex. They are highly migratory and the summoning ritual must compensate for their travels. Without their willing assistance, summoning an observer would be nearly impossible. During her journey to Outland, the undead warlock Jubeka Shadowbreaker learned from the observers the above-mentioned ritual and transcribed it to one of her grimoires. The tome was later sent to Azeroth and its information spread among the members of the Council of the Black Harvest.[2]

An observer called Xhu'daggab was summoned by the Horde forces under Ga'trul to watch the shores of the Jade Forest.[10][11]


Powerful observers have been spotted in the Blood Furnace, the Portal Clearing and in Twinspire Keep. Large groups were present in Blade's Edge Mountains, Shadowmoon Valley, Quel'Danas, the Black Temple, the Arcatraz and the Ruins of Farahlon under the service of different factions.


Vile Watcher TCG

An observer in the Trading Card Game.


As a companion pet[]

As a warlock minion[]

Main article: Observer (warlock minion)

In Mists of Pandaria Observers became a new summonable warlock minion, available through the Warlock grimoireofcommand [Grimoire of Supremacy] talent, replacing the Felhunter minion.

In the TCG[]

Icon-TCG This section contains information from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game and is considered non-canon.
Shadow Demons TCG

Shadow Demons in the Trading Card Game.

“Too many eyes to blind... Too many arms to disable... can't decapitate them...”

Nyala Shadefury[12]

They are also known as floating eyes.[12]

Notes and trivia[]