Obstacle Course

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AllianceObstacle Course
Start Exarch Yrel
End Exarch Naielle
Level 100 (Requires 100)
Category Garrison Campaign
Experience 18,840 XP
Previous B [100] The Invasion of Tanaan
Next B [100] In, Through, and Beyond!


Find any information on the forces deployed in the area and meet with the scouts afterwards.


Our landing was unopposed. Why are these docks all but abandoned?

The rangari scouts up ahead report trouble. Bleeding Hollow scavengers are looting some abandoned buildings to the northwest, and an encampment of warlock cultists lurk near the Dark Portal. Let's find out what we can and meet up with our scouts.


You will also receive: 30g 80s

  • 18,840 experience


We should clean out these... infestations.

Leaving the docks:

Exarch Yrel says: The Iron Horde have all but abandoned this area. I was expecting a harder fight for the docks.

Approaching Bleeding Hollow Scavengers:

Exarch Yrel says: Bleeding Hollow scavengers. We should deal with their leader and send them scurrying back into the jungle!

Aggro Rulkrik the Pillager:

Rulkrik the Pillager says: This is ours now, back to the sea with you!

Rulkrik killed:

Exarch Yrel says: If these looters are roaming free, where is the rest of Gul'dan's Horde? They may be waiting for us up ahead.

Approaching Portal area:

Exarch Yrel says: Deserted except for looters and warlocks. What are Gul'dan's minions doing so close to the ruins of the portal?

Aggro Magril the Seer:

Magril the Seer says: Finally a break from the boredom of all this "preparation!"

Magril killed:

Exarch Yrel says: Warlocks and their foul magic! If Gul'dan has his way, this whole world would burn.

Approaching gate:

Exarch Yrel says: Gul'dan's fel magic is corrupting even the very machinery of the Iron Horde! We must fight through this gauntlet...


Our forces can finish driving off the remaining lurkers. But there's another problem up ahead.

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