NeutralOdyn and the Valarjar
Start Danica the Reclaimer
End Odyn
Level 10-45
Type Legendary
Category Artifact
Experience 15,050
Rewards 15g 40s
Previous B Warrior [10-45] Return to the Broken Shore
Next N Warrior [10-45] Weapons of Legend


Follow Danica to see Odyn.

  • Follow Danica
  • Go to the Great Mead Hall
  • Listen to Odyn


Fear not, mortal, you are not dead. I was directed to collect you before your demise by Odyn himself.

I will take you to Odyn now, follow me.


You will also receive: 15g 40s


Now all here know who you are. It is time for armaments befitting my champion.



On accepting:

Danica the Reclaimer says: Behind you lies the Eye of Odyn, which sees all on Azeroth! This way lies the Forge, where the mightiest weapons of the valarjar are crafted by Helgar, the greatest smith in the Halls.
Danica the Reclaimer says: Across the way lies the Arena of Glory, where warriors vie for supremacy in epic combat. Before us lies the Great Mead Hall where drink and stories flow freely!
Danica the Reclaimer says: Odyn waits ahead. I will go and announce you. Be respectful.

When approaching Odyn:

Odyn says: I have foreseen the coming of a mighty champion to these shores. One who would slay countless foes and prove their valor time and again. One who would lead my armies to victory against the great darkness that seeks to devour this world!
Odyn says: You have proven yourself the greatest living warrior on Azeroth. It is for this reason I have saved you.
Odyn says: I name you Valarjar! Bring glory to these halls on the wings of my val'kyr!


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