Of Forgotten Memories

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NeutralOf Forgotten Memories
Start Tirion Fordring
End Tirion Fordring
Level 57 (Requires 52)
Category Western Plaguelands
Experience 6000 EXP
Previous Redemption
Next N [58] Of Lost Honor


Travel to the Undercroft - at the southernmost section of the Eastern Plaguelands - and recover  [Taelan's Hammer]. Return to Tirion Fordring upon completion of your objective.


To help Taelan regain what he has lost, you must gather items from his past.

The first such item is a toy that I gave to him on his 7th birthday. It was his most cherished possession: A miniature war hammer; an exact replica of my very own.

After I was banished for treason, his mother told him that I had died. He was taken to my false grave at the Undercroft, where he buried the hammer along with my memory - forever.

You must venture to the Undercroft and recover Taelan's hammer.


You will receive:


He must be redeemed.


<Tirion blinks to hold back tears.>

It was destiny that we meet, <name>. You have blessed me with your kindness.


  1. N [56] Redemption
  2. N [57] Of Forgotten Memories
  3. N [58] Of Lost Honor
  4. N [58] Of Love and Family
  5. N [60] Of Love and Family
  6. N [60] Find Myranda
  7. N [60] Scarlet Subterfuge
  8. N [60G] In Dreams

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