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Off-Duty Cadet

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Not to be confused with "Off-Duty" Cadet.
AllianceOff-Duty Cadet
Image of Off-Duty Cadet
Gender Both
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 110 - 120
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Proudmoore Admiralty
Occupation Cadet
Location Proudmoore Keep, Boralus
Status Alive
A few cadets found the time for some old fashioned pen & paper adventures.

Off-Duty Cadets are humans located at the Proudmoore Keep in Boralus. A few of them can be found in a hidden basement in the hedge maze of the keep, playing a pen & paper game while their taskmaster is looking for them.


  • I cast Frostbolt into the darkness!
  • I loot the candle.
  • No, the tree is not vulnerable to fire attacks.
  • It would be easier to heal you if you didn't stand in the fire all the time.
  • Stop antagonizing the quest giver!
  • Don't spill your ale on my character sheet!
  • I've told you before, bard isn't a class!
  • Can the guard see me looting this body?
  • I...uhhh...well, misplaced it. Could I get another copy, please?
  • Thank you. I promise I will deliver it this time!
  • Avast, invader!
  • For Kul Tiras!
  • I die... for my house...
  • I'll rake ye from stem to stern!
  • I'm going down... with the ship...
  • I've been scuttled, boys...
  • Kul Tiras stands...
  • Let's test yer mettle!
  • Scurvy dog!
  • Send me bones... to the sea...

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