NeutralOgre Heaven
Start Mog'dorg the Wizened
End Chu'a'lor
Level 20-30
Category Blade's Edge Mountains
Reputation Ogri'la +25
Previous N [20-30G] Into the Soulgrinder or N [20-30] Speak with Mog'dorg (optional)
Next N [20-30] The Crystals


Mog'dorg the Wizened has asked you to speak with Chu'a'lor at Ogri'la in the Blade's Edge Mountains.


Now that you have delivered us from bondage, we can begin the process of reunifying the clans. This will take some time; old grudges are difficult to overcome.

But more pressing, you must go to Ogri'la in the heavens above to the west. You must defend it, and us, from those forces above that the gronn used to protect us from: ethereals, demons, and worst of all, the black dragonflight.

When you find ogre heaven, seek out the wisdom of Chu'a'lor on how best to proceed.


Mog'dorg sent a message ahead, saying that I should expect you. I am glad that you came.

With the Sons of Gruul destroyed, it is only a matter of time - a short amount at that - before the various inhabitants of this mountain terrace, and the one to the north, decide to prey upon our ogre brothers down below.

I trust that you will help us to prevent that, <name>.


  1. N [20-30] Speak with the Ogre or N [20-30] The Trouble Below
  2. N [20-30] Mog'dorg the Wizened/N [20-30] Mog'dorg the Wizened
  3. Complete all three to continue:
  4. N [20-30G5] Grim(oire) Business
  5. N [20-30G] Into the Soulgrinder
  6. N [20-30] Speak with Mog'dorg (optional)
  7. N [20-30] Ogre Heaven
  8. N [20-30] The Crystals
  9. N [20-30] An Apexis Relic (optional)
  10. N [20-30] Our Boy Wants To Be A Skyguard Ranger
  11. N [20-30] A Father's Duty (optional)
  12. N [20-30] The Skyguard Outpost
  13. N [20-30] Bombing Run

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