Ogre Tannin gives the  [Gordok Ogre Suit] its color and is used to complete a Dire Maul tribute run in Dire Maul North.


After you trap Guard Slip'kik in ice, climb a ramp to proceed to the next area. On the first balcony you will see an Ogre Tannin Basket on the left side in the back of the room. This basket contains the Tannin.


As soon as you grab the Tannin, a Gordok Bushwacker will appear and start attacking you, so be prepared.

Alternate source

If you find a  [Gordok Shackle Key] you can do the repeatable quest N [60D] Free Knot! and set Knot Thimblejack free. There is a chance that one or two ogre Tannin will be in the crate that appears.


Ogre Tannin is required to make the Gordok Ogre Suit, the reward from the quest N [15-30D] The Gordok Ogre Suit. A leatherworker or tailor can learn to make the suit on their own by completing the quest once.


When you grab the Ogre Tannin, an ogre screams Noo! It puts the tannin in the basket, or else it gets the mallet again. which is a reference to the serial killer "Buffalo Bill" from Silence of the Lambs, lowering a bucket down the well to his victims and saying "It rubs the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again."

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