Ogre in the Field

Horde 32.pngOgre in the Field
Start Orhan Ogreblade
End Stonemaul Ogre
Level 15-30 (Requires 15)
Type Dungeon
Category Dire Maul
Experience 575
Rewards 7 Silver.png
Next Both 15.png [15-30D] King of the Gordok


Speak to the Stonemaul Ogre.


The most dire, and most organized, threat to us in Feralas are the Gordok ogres in the northern wing of Dire Maul. If we eradicate them and take Dire Maul for the Horde, we will possess a heavily fortified seat of power in this region with numerous artifacts to sweeten the deal. I sent in a small army of Stonemaul Ogres inside earlier - if any have survived, speak with them and finish the job.

That's an order, <class>.


These ogres no pushovers. I need you help me finish Orhan's task, <race>.


You will receive: 7 Silver.png

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