NeutralOhn'ahran Plains
Dragonflight site - Ohn'ahran Plains.jpg
Races Green dragonflight Green dragonflight
CentaurCentaur Centaur
Gorloc Gorloc
Dryad Dryad
Location Dragon Isles

The Ohn'ahran Plains are a verdant grassland zone on the Dragon Isles, inhabited by the green dragonflight and the Maruuk centaur tribes. It is the second zone that players venture through, after the Waking Shores. The region is named for the eagle Wild God Ohn'ahra, who long ago guided Maru Con'tira and her centaur to the Dragon Isles. The centaur initially warred with the green flight, but after realizing that they were evenly matched, the two races agreed to share the region, with the green dragons inhabiting the groves while the centaur dominated the plains. However, as the dragons left the isles after the Great Sundering, the centaur have been left to develop their culture in isolation for ten thousand years.[1]



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