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Old Bottle Cap

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  • Old Bottle Cap
  • Binds to Blizzard account
  • "Obtained through the Deadmines Pet Challenge. Speak with Marcus "Bagman" Brown in Westfall to exchange these."

Old Bottle Caps are a quest reward from N [110] Pet Battle Challenge: Deadmines.

As a currency

The caps can be redeemed at Marcus "Bagman" Brown in exchange for pets and supplies.

Inv misc treasurechest04a.png [Mr. Smite's Supplies]
1 Old Bottle Cap
Inv misc gear 03.png [Pet Reaper 0.9]
1 Old Bottle Cap
Ability rogue cannonballbarrage.png [Pocket Cannon]
3 Old Bottle Cap
Achievement rat.png [Tricorne]
2 Old Bottle Cap

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