NeutralOld Ironbark
Image of Old Ironbark
Race(s) Corrupted ancient and Ancient of War (Elemental)
Level 41 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Dire Maul East

Old Ironbark is an Ancient of War in the east wing of Dire Maul. He aids adventurers seeking access to the deeper portions of the wing by breaking down an ancient door.

Before he can break down the door, players must kill Zevrim Thornhoof.


Ironbark the Redeemed

  • Ironbark the Redeemed yells: At last... Freed from his cursed grasp!
"Thank you, mortal. There is but one service that I may offer you before I return to the Dream. The door to Zevrim's master, Alzzin, blocks your path. I shall act as your instrument of destruction. The door will be opened, I merely await your command."
Gossip "Thank you, Ironbark. We are ready for you to open the door."
Ironbark the Redeemed says: As you wish...
Ironbark bashes the door in
Ironbark the Redeemed says: My strength wanes, mortal. I have done as promised, the way is clear. I now return to whence I came.

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