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The Old Journal appears in Hall of the Guardian during N Mage [10-45] Finding Ebonchill.


Old Journal

<much of the book is unreadable...>
Today's experiments were quite positive. Within the wards Karazhan's reality bending corruption seems completely gone! Arrexis was very pleased even though it took forever to get them up due to the mana leeches. It seems as though the act of brining up the wards brings them in droves.

<another page is readable but the rest of the book is too far gone...>
We had a visitor today. Medivh came to speak with Arrexis about some secret matters but he was given a tour afterwards.

He was very interested in Arrexis's plan and offered to help. Arrexis mentioned the weakness of reality during the ritual of bringing up the wards and Medivh said he would look into it and encouraged Arrexis to try his ritual on the demonic realms.

Its strange, but for a brief moment I saw Medivh with a very strange smile on his face as he stared at the wards. It was... unsettling. Then he was all serious and helpful again so it was probably a figment of my imagination.

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