For the cinematic, see Old Soldier.
HordeOld Soldier
Start Lor'themar Theron
End Thrall
Level 50 (Requires 50)
Category Horde War Campaign
Experience 26,800
Rewards [Battlefield Commendation]
70g 20s
Previous H [50] The Price of Victory
Next H [50] Sense of Obligation
For the Alliance version of this quest, see A [50] Old Soldier.


Honor High Overlord Saurfang.


No matter what anyone says, he was an honorable orc. A legend in his own right, the ideal to which all warriors of the Horde aspired.

He gave his life to heal the rift in the Horde and give us the chance to forge a new path forward. His was more than a death befitting a warrior. It was the death of a hero.

We shall honor his sacrifice.


You will learn: [Battlefield Commendation]

You will also receive:

  • 70g 20s
  • 26,800 XP
  • You will also be rewarded with  [Worn Cloak] if you decided to help Sylvanas at first (and got 500 AP) but now changed your mind to help Saurfang.


He will be buried in Nagrand, as he would have wanted.

I do not know what lies ahead for the Horde, but I know we will face it together.


Speak to Lor'themar.

Thrall awaits us within Orgrimmar. We will take this moment to honor Saurfang before we regroup. N'Zoth is now our primary concern.
Should we survive the Old God's machinations, we will then turn our attention to those of Sylvanas.

Gossip Lead on.

A cutscene plays, with the Horde forces assembled outside Grommash Hold in the Valley of Strength, along with Anduin Wrynn, Jaina Proudmoore, Valeera Sanguinar, and Master Mathias Shaw. The player character stands next to Zekhan and Baine Bloodhoof. Saurfang's body lies on a slab, as Thrall speaks.

Thrall says: Varok Saurfang.
Thrall says: Son of Koruk.
Thrall says: Supreme Commander of the Might of Kalimdor.
Thrall says: High Overlord of the Horde.
Thrall says: He led the charge against the Lich King. He defended our world from the Legion.
Thrall says: Saurfang inspired all of us to strive for true honor. And his legacy will live on in our deeds.
Anduin Wrynn says: When the Alliance and Horde marched on Ahn'Qiraj, it was Saurfang who valiantly commanded our combined forces.
Anduin Wrynn says: Today, his courage saved thousands of lives... on both sides of the battle.
Anduin Wrynn says: His sacrifice will never be forgotten.
Thrall rests a hand on the slab.
Thrall says: You have earned your warrior's death, old friend.
Thrall says: Now, greet your son... with honor and glory.
Thrall salutes Saurfang, and Zekhan blows a war horn as the assembled Horde all kneel. Anduin, Shaw, and Valeera all depart through a portal opened by Jaina to Boralus.

Speak to Thrall to complete the quest, which awards [Battlefield Commendation] and completes the achievement  The Fourth War (Horde), concluding the Horde War Campaign.

On completion:

Thrall says: Saurfang and I spoke much of honor and the Horde. Of our path forward from this crossroads.
Thrall says: I never thought we would have to walk it without him. It falls to us to decide what the Horde will become.
Thrall says: Azeroth needs our strength now more than ever. Grieve for Saurfang, and make ready to defend the world he died for.

Leader dialogue

Years ago, I spoke at Orgrim's funeral after he died liberating our people. Today, I did the same for Saurfang.
We don't get to hide. That was the last lesson he ever taught me. But I have been away from Orgrimmar for a long time, and much has changed since I last walked upon its walls.
I don't know how best to serve the Horde. But I will fight for it to the bitter end.
First Arcanist Thalyssra
I only knew Saurfang for a brief time, but I respected him for his courage. It is not easy to challenge your leaders, even when you are in the right.
He saved many lives today. If we survive against N'Zoth, we will all owe our future to his sacrifice.
I knew dis could happen, dat tings could be playin' out dis way... but dat don't make it any easier.
He always been a hero ta me. Inspirin' me ta be better, ta be stronger. Just like me fadda.
Spirits guide 'em both. I wonder if dey be watchin' me right now. Waitin' ta see who I become.
It be time I made 'em proud, <name>. Never gonna rest 'til I do.
Mayla Highmountain
My people are new to the Horde, and there have been times in this war when I wondered if joining it was a mistake.
But then I would think of Saurfang, and what he represented, of the Horde he fought for. That is the Horde my people joined. That is the Horde we must strive to be.
I can think of no better way to honor his memory than by continuing that journey.
Baine Bloodhoof
Saurfang... were it not for his courage, I would have died at the hands of Sylvanas. It is a debt I can never repay, except by honoring his memory and carrying his legacy forward.
The Horde cannot remain divided. We must reflect on all that we have endured and choose our next course of action with strength and wisdom... united as one.
I hate funerals. Don't get me wrong, I respected Saurfang as much as the next guy. I just don't like standin' around when there's work to be done.
We goblins know how to pay our respects. We just don't overpay; you know what I'm sayin'?
And you know what? I think ol' Saurfang would have agreed. I'm gonna miss him. But I ain't lettin' the job he started go unfinished.
Overlord Geya'rah
Sylvanas was a strong warchief. But she was not the Horde's warchief. Everything she did was for herself. Saurfang sacrificed everything he had for the Horde.
Strength and honor. A true warchief must have both.
That is a lesson I will never forget.
Never had a good feelin' about dis war, mon. I been followin' orders, tryin' ta make da best of a bad situation. But I always thought dat Sylvanas be havin' da Horde's best interests at heart.
I was wrong. Shoulda trusted me instincts. Shoulda done more for Saurfang.
Too late for dat now. Loa guide us, <name>. We gonna need it.
Lor'themar Theron
A part of me will always wonder if this would have happened had I acted sooner. If I had confronted Sylvanas in the early days of the war. If Teldrassil hadn't burned.
It is not an easy thing to watch a dear friend tread a dark path, to recognize when they have gone astray. I thought I knew her, and Saurfang has paid the price for my error in judgment.
I have tasked the Farstriders with tracking down both Sylvanas and Nathanos... though I am unsure we can find them at all. They were Farstriders themselves, once.
But I cannot simply stand idle while they are out there. Not anymore.
Lady Liadrin
With Saurfang dead and Sylvanas... absent, Orgrimmar is without a warchief.
Meanwhile, the threat of N'Zoth looms over us all. We mustn't allow Orgrimmar to descend into chaos.
Remain vigilant for any signs of N'Zoth's influence... along with any who cling to Sylvanas's twisted ideals.
Some who sided with the Banshee Queen have seen the error of their ways. They are to be left alone.
I care not if you fought against them. We must forgive and unite if we are to remain strong in the face of peril.


  1. H [50] The Eve of Battle
  2. H [50] This Ain't Mine
  3. H [50] Saving the Siege & H [50] Already Among Us & H [50] Strategic Deployment
  4. H [50] Before the Gates of Orgrimmar
  5. H [50] The Price of Victory
  6. H [50] Old Soldier

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