Olemba trees in Terokkar.

The olemba trees[1] are plants native to the Draenor region of Talador, later known as Terokkar Forest. They make up the bulk of Terokkar's forests.[2] Their seeds are stored in tough, fist-sized cones that fall from the tree's branches once they've reached maturity, glowing with a beautiful blue light. Rakoria was interested in trying to press their oily seeds in order to extract something useful out of it,[1] resulting in a high-quality mana oil.[3] Olemba root also has shamanistic properties.[4]

Ros'eleth tried to send olemba seeds to the park of Stormwind City,[5] but as it got later burned down by Deathwing, it is doubtful olemba trees can be found on Azeroth.


  • There was a planned subzone called Olembas.


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