Olsen's Farthing.

The older farm covered in weeds.

Olsen's Farthing[46, 54] was once a bustling farmstead with direct contact into the main throughway of trade in the Silverpine Forest. Olsen and his family lived here and made a good living, but all that changed with the coming of the Scourge.

One night, crazed ghouls and fearsome skeletal warriors charged the farm, murdering any they came across. Olsen desperately tried to barricade himself and his family inside the barn, but the undead eventually broke the barricade and proceeded to butcher the entire family. For a time the Scourge still haunted the farm, ravenously attacking anyone who enter the area.

However, Olsen's Farthing has since become a battleground between the Forsaken and the remnants of Gilneas and refugees from Hillsbrad. Bloodfang Stalkers now prowl around here, while the corpses of Veteran Forsaken Troopers litter the ground. Caretaker Smithers has also relocated here from Hillsbrad. Lady Sylvanas will send Horde players to avenge the Forsaken forces and search for clues as to the recent dealings of Darius Crowley and Ivar Bloodfang.

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