Omedus the Punisher

In life, Omedus was a handsome scholar. The plague was not kind to him.
Faction Horde
Type Hero
Talent Shadow
Professions Alchemy, Herbalism
Rules (3), Flip Omedus → Omedus deals shadow damage to target hero equal to 7 minus the number of cards in its controller's hand.
Race Undead
Class Priest
Notes Omedus the Punisher's artwork was later reused for Bryan Chang's credit card in Hearthstone.
Health 26
Set Heroes of Azeroth
Number 12/361
Rarity Uncommon
Artist Jeff Miracola
Trading Card Game
This article contains information from the Trading Card Game which is considered non-canon.

Omedus the Punisher is an Undead Priest. He was one of the Horde heroes in the first series of both the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game and the World of Warcraft Miniatures Game, but has yet to appear in any video game. In life, he was a handsome scholar. He once fought Onyxia.

His miniature: Minis_Core_Set/Omedus_the_Punisher

Quotes from him and references to him can be found on the following cards:

  • "Your pain is my pleasure." - Shadow Word: Pain
  • Omedus watched in silent disbelief as the beast tore through a clawful of warriors. Limbs flew through the air, a current of blood ran towards him, and for the first time in his unlife, he felt fear. - Claw, Claw, Bite
  • "The cost is irrelevant. Only the outcome truly matters." - Dark Penance
  • "Some priests heal; others enhance. I, however, melt faces!" - Melt Face
  • ""I don't worry about pain. I have something else for that." - Shadow Silhouettes
  • "Don't worry. I will ensure that your death is not in vain." - Word of Blight