On Even Ground

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NeutralOn Even Ground
Start Earthcaller Torunscar
End Earthcaller Torunscar
Level 83 (Requires 82)
Category Deepholm
Experience 43900
Reputation +250 Earthen Ring
Rewards 8g 60s
Previous N [83] The Very Earth Beneath Our Feet
Next N [83] Imposing Confrontation


Use the Elementium Grapple Line to pull 3 Servants of Therazane off of their feet.

Provided item:  [Elementium Grapple Line]


We're fortunate dat those giants be havin' such bad aim. Luck is sure to be favorin' dem eventually though.

We need to get dem off da battlefield, but I don't tink takin' dem head on would be very smart.

Take dis grapplin' line, get a good hold on one of their ankles and pull their legs out from under dem. Once dey are on da ground, dey should be easy ta be finishin' off.


You will receive: 8g 60s


Did it work, mon?


Dat will slow their assault a bit while Norsala be findin' a way to calm'm. We've no desire ta be remainin' enemies of Therazane the Stonemother.


Pick up N [83] Crumbling Defenses and N [83] Core of Our Troubles before heading out. Don't focus on killing giants. Focus on saving the shaman. Then kill giants once the shaman are saved.

Get within 10-15 yards of a servant then toss the grapple:

The line is secured to his ankle. Pull away to trip him!

Do so. It won't interrupt the channel. Getting dropped will knock off a good half of the giant's health. Then, an Earthguard Sentinel will spawn to help finish the servant off:

  • Earthguard Sentinel says: Need a hand?
  • Earthguard Sentinel says: That's more like it.


  1. N [83] The Very Earth Beneath Our Feet
  2. N [83] Crumbling Defenses / N [83] On Even Ground / N [83] Core of Our Troubles
  3. N [83] Imposing Confrontation
  4. N [83] Rocky Relations
  5. N [83] Hatred Runs Deep / N [83] Unsolid Ground / N [83] Loose Stones
  6. N [83] Violent Gale
  7. N [83] Depth of the Depths
  8. N [83] A Rock Amongst Many
  9. N [83] Entrenched
  10. N [83] Intervention / N [83] Making Things Crystal Clear / N [83] Putting the Pieces Together
  11. N [83] Pebble (optional)
  12. N [83] Clingy
  13. N [83] So Big, So Round...
  14. N [83] Rock Bottom
  15. N [83] Steady Hand
  16. N [83] Don't. Stop. Moving.
  17. N [83] Hard Falls / N [83] Fragile Values
  18. N [83] Resonating Blow
  19. N [83] Rocky Upheaval
  20. Complete all of:
  21. N [83] Shaken and Stirred / N [83] Corruption Destruction / N [83] Wrath of the Fungalmancer
  22. N [83] At the Stonemother's Call
  23. N [83] Audience with the Stonemother
  24. N [83] Rallying the Earthen Ring
  25. N [83] Our Part of the Bargain
  26. N [83] The Stone March / N [83] Therazane's Mercy / N [83] The Twilight Flight
  27. N [83] Word In Stone
  28. N [83] Undying Twilight
  29. N [83] The Binding
  30. N [83] The Stone Throne

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