HordeOn Her Majesty's Secret Service
Start Lord Godfrey
End Lord Godfrey
Level 5-30
Category Silverpine Forest
Experience 2350
Reputation +500 Undercity
Rewards  [Favor of the Dark Lady] or  [Lorna's Signet] or  [Windrunner Band]
Previous H [5-30] 7th Legion Battle Plans
H [5-30] Sowing Discord
Next H [5-30] Cities in Dust


Capture Commander Lorna Crowley and return her to Lady Sylvanas Windrunner at the Forsaken Front in Silverpine Forest.

  • Commander Lorna Crowley captured


Lorna Crowley, daughter of Lord Darius Crowley, is currently at the Gilneas Liberation Front camp, located near the Greymane Wall, to the southeast.

Our primary mission is to infiltrate the camp and capture her alive. The Dark Lady believes that she will be able to use Lorna as a bargaining chip against Crowley. I say we just kill her and bring her back as Forsaken, but we must do as the Dark Lady commands.

We must hurry before the rest of the Alliance forces arrive.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv jewelry ring 15.png [Favor of the Dark Lady] Inv jewelry ring 75.png [Lorna's Signet]
Inv jewelry ring 34.png [Windrunner Band]

You will also receive: 35s


You have done it! Finally, everything is in place. Should Crowley not accept our terms, his daughter will be turned.



Commander Lorna Crowley says: So the Banshee Queen has sent assassins?
Lord Godfrey says: Lorna, is that how you greet old friends?
Commander Lorna Crowley says: Godfrey? So the rumors are true.
Commander Lorna Crowley says: You would betray your kingdom out of spite?
Lord Godfrey says: My kingdom? My kingdom is no more.
Lord Godfrey says: Your father and Greymane saw to that... No, Gilneas died when they allowed murderous beasts to reign free. Unchecked.
Lord Godfrey says: Now lay down your arms and surrender. We are not here to kill you. Not yet.
Commander Lorna Crowley says: HAH! You'll have to kill me! DIE!
The player and the party of Lord Godfrey, Lord Walden and Baron Ashbury attacks her, making her fall unconscious.
Lord Godfrey says: Quickly! We must head back to the Forsaken Front before we are discovered!


  • The quest is named after the 1969 James Bond movie of the same name.


Optional breadcrumb: H [5-30] Warchief's Command: Silverpine Forest!

  1. H [5-30] The Warchief Cometh
  2. H [5-30] Guts and Gore
    Side quests: H [5-30] The Gilneas Liberation Front / H [5-30] Agony Abounds
  3. H [5-30] Iterating Upon Success
  4. H [5-30] Dangerous Intentions
  5. H [5-30] Waiting to Exsanguinate
  6. H [5-30] Belmont's Report
  7. H [5-30] The Warchief's Fleet
  8. H [5-30] Steel Thunder & H [5-30] Give 'em Hell!
    Side quest chain:
    1. H [5-30] Playing Dirty
    2. H [5-30] It's Only Poisonous if You Ingest It
  9. H [5-30] Lost in the Darkness
    1. H [5-30] Skitterweb Menace
    2. H [5-30] Deeper into Darkness
  10. H [5-30] Orcs are in Order
  11. H [5-30] Rise, Forsaken
  12. H [5-30] No Escape
  13. H [5-30] Lordaeron
  14. H [5-30] Honor the Dead
    1. H [5-30] Reinforcements from Fenris
    2. H [5-30] The Waters Run Red...
    • Worgen assassins quests:
    1. H [5-30] Excising the Taint
    2. H [5-30] Seek and Destroy
    3. H [5-30] Cornered and Crushed!
    4. H [5-30] Nowhere to Run
  15. H [5-30] To Forsaken Forward Command
  16. H [5-30] In Time, All Will Be Revealed & H [5-30] Losing Ground & H [5-30] The F.C.D.
  17. H [5-30] Break in Communications: Dreadwatch Outpost
  18. H [5-30] Break in Communications: Rutsak's Guard
  19. H [5-30] Vengeance for Our Soldiers & H [5-30] On Whose Orders?
  20. H [5-30] What Tomorrow Brings
  21. H [5-30] Fall Back!
  22. H [5-30] A Man Named Godfrey & H [5-30] Resistance is Futile
  23. H [5-30] The Great Escape
  24. H [5-30] Rise, Godfrey
  25. H [5-30] Breaking the Barrier & H [5-30] Unyielding Servitors
  26. H [5-30] Dalar Dawnweaver
  27. H [5-30] Relios the Relic Keeper
    Side quests: H [5-30] Practical Vengeance & H [5-30] Ley Energies
  28. H [5-30] Only One May Enter
  29. H [5-30] Transdimensional Warfare: Chapter I & H [5-30] A Wolf in Bear's Clothing
  30. H [5-30] Transdimensional Warfare: Chapter II
  31. H [5-30] Transdimensional Warfare: Chapter III
  32. H [5-30] Taking the Battlefront
  33. H [5-30] Pyrewood's Fall & H [5-30] Lessons in Fear & H [5-30] Of No Consequence
  34. H [5-30] 7th Legion Battle Plans & H [5-30] Sowing Discord
  35. H [5-30] On Her Majesty's Secret Service
  36. H [5-30] Cities in Dust

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