On Plagues, Curses, and Blights is a book written by Royal Historian Archesonus. The book's eighth chapter discusses an odd period history during which there was an increase in disease, famine, and violence, and a theory associating these events with a nameless horseman carrying a sword of sinister origin. Archesonus doubts the existence of such an individual, and argues that the legend of the horseman was simply a way for the people of the time to cope with phenomena beyond their control.[1]

As an item

Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.
  • On Plagues, Curses, and Blights
  • Quest Item
  • Unique
  • Requires Level 110
  • "Grim records of many of the more tragic events to have befallen Azeroth, and the powers that begat them, as recorded by Royal Historian Archesonus."

During the development stages of World of Warcraft: Legion, this book was available as an item. However, it was removed prior to release.

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