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Gender Male
Race Tuskarr
Occupation Fisher
Status Unknown
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Onaaka is a young tuskarr fisher from Taruka's clan. He was born on the same day and under the same constellation as Taruka, but whereas she struggled to be seen at all, he was set on making a name for himself and always tried to belittle her. One afternoon when Taruka returned to the clan's camp with a catch of spotted yellowtail, Onaaka mocked her and boastfully displayed a huge emperor salmon he'd caught, saying that the catch master Kattik would have to call on his assistant to weigh it.

When Taruka set off for Kamagua an early morning, she noticed Onaaka and some of the other tuskarr preparing their boats. He shouted something after her, but his words were blown away by the wind.

Onaaka accompanied the rest of his clan to Kamagua. When Taruka later arrived to the harbor, she did so riding a strange vessel made from the corpse of a huge sea monster she'd slain on her voyage through Lyquokk Strait. Everyone with a boat wanted to help tow her into the harbor, including Onaaka, who quietly watched from his boat with a facial expression Taruka had never seen before. Then, just loud enough for her to hear, he told her that it was a very good catch.[1]