For the quest of the same name in World of Warcraft, see N [25-30] Once More Unto The Breach, Hero.
Once More Unto the Breach
Location Dark Portal, Black Morass
Result Alliance of Lordaeron victory

Alliance of Lordaeron


Horde of Draenor

Commanders and leaders

Alliance of Lordaeron


Horde of Draenor

  • Unknown Horde commander
Casualties and losses

Alliance of Lordaeron

  • Moderate

Horde of Draenor

  • Heavy
Previous Alliance The Battle for Nethergarde
Next Alliance Beyond the Dark Portal
Alternate level Horde Thunderlord and Bonechewer
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

Once More Unto the Breach is the third mission of the Alliance campaign in Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal.

Mission briefing

Having broken the momentum of the Horde offensive at Nethergarde, the time is ripe for a decisive counter attack. The High Command agrees that a strong assault upon the fortress that the Orcs have raised near the Dark Portal may well end the conflict before it has rightly begun.

The Arch-Wizard Khadgar, however, believes that the Orcish Hordes may not be here for the sake of mere conquest. He believes that if the Portal can be captured, and not destroyed, he can uncover the purpose for the Horde's present invasion into Azeroth.


  • Destroy all strongholds and fortresses
  • Turalyon must reach the Dark Portal alive


Alliance of Lordaeron
Horde of Draenor



Mission playthrough The Dark Saga ending cinematic