Once a Scribe Like You

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NeutralOnce a Scribe Like You
Start Raethan
End Raethan
Level 106 (Requires 106)
Category Inscription
Experience 15,900
Rewards 53g 40s
Previous N Inscription [106] The Ink Flows
Next N Inscription [106] An Odd Trinket


Kill Inkrot and obtain the Stolen Shadowruby.


These sewers are something of a... "settling place" for many who can't cope with the stresses of regular Dalaran life. Take, for example, the target of this particular contract.

His name is Inkrot. He was once a scribe like you, but the stresses of dealing with the Professor drove him mad.

<Raethan hands you the contract.>

This says he's stolen a jewel from Cartier and Co. Bring me the jewel. Whatever else you find on him is yours.


You will receive: 53g 40s


Did he give you much trouble?


You, <name>, are a godsend. I thought I'd never be rid of that nuisance.

As promised, here is the bounty for the contract.



What are you looking at, <race>?
Gossip I'm here for you head, Inkrot!
Inkrot says: So Raethan sent you to do his dirty work for him?
Inkrot says: Too bad it'll be your body he'll be scraping off the sewer floor!


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