NeutralOne Keg
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One Keg
Race(s) PandarenPandaren Pandaren
Grummle Grummle
Location Central Kun-Lai Summit

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One Keg is the eastern extent of the Burlap Trail in central Kun-Lai Summit. The trailhead of the unnamed mountain pass up to Neverest Basecamp and the Valley of Emperors can be found just to the west.

Grummle caravans from the Grummle Bazaar stop at One Keg before travelling west along the Burlap Trail to the Burlap Waystation and the Kota Basecamp.

The Howlingwind Trail begins in town and heads northeast up to Howlingwind Cavern. From there, adventurers can head around the mouth of the cavern up an unnamed trail to reach the southeastern end of the Valley of Emperors.

The inn of One Keg is the Lucky Traveller.

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  • During the beta, it was spelled Onekeg.

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