Night FaeOne Little Whisper
Start Bwonsamdi [39.6, 24.7]
End Bwonsamdi [39.6, 24.7]
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Ardenweald
Experience 9,450
Rewards  [Faewoven Drape]
or  [Oakheart Cape]
or  [Runewarden's Greatcloak]
or  [Queensguard Cloak]
25g 74s
Previous N [60] The Problem with Containing a Death Loa, N [60] Dark Mojo for a Dark Loa, N [60] Delaying the Other Side
Next N [60] Maw Manifested


Ring the gong to summon the special guest, then use mojo powder in the ritual to fuel Mueh'zala.


Here be da deal, <name>. To get Mueh'zala talkin', we gotta feed him a teeny bit a da life essence of everybody in dis room.

Why ya be lookin' at me like dat? When has ol' Bwonsamdi ever let ya down?

Me gonna use da mojo ya got to pull da truth outta him while he be feedin'.

Oh, uh, just two more tings. First, I need ya to be ringin' an invitation to a special... friend.

Den I be giving ya more of me mojo powder. Use it during da ritual if any o' me followers be gettin' too weak.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv cape chest ardenweald d 01.png [Faewoven Drape] Inv cape leather ardenweald d 01.png [Oakheart Cape]
Inv cape mail ardenweald d 02.png [Runewarden's Greatcloak] Inv cape plate ardenweald d 01.png [Queensguard Cloak]

You will also receive:

  • 25g 74s
  • 9,450 XP


I be eager to hear what ol' Mueh'zala be have ta say...


Dere be one loa o' death, <name>. And it be ol' Bwonsamdi.

Ya best not forget dat.


On accept:

Bwonsamdi says: Me special guest gonna be real interested ta hear what Mueh'zala be sayin'. Dey got a... special connection.

Head southwest to the Gong of Calling, then bang the gong:

Spirit of Vol'jin says: Bwonsamdi! Ya be too important ta summon me yaself?
Bwonsamdi says: Now don't be such a fussy-fussy-pants, mon! I got sometin' here ya gonna wanna see!

Speak with Bwonsamdi again:

What ya be askin' of Ol' Bwonsamdi?

Gossip I'm ready to begin the ritual to find out what Mueh'zala was hiding.

Players enter the vehicle interface and have access to one ability:

Inv tradeskill 81 breath of bwonsamdi raid.png  Bwonsamdi's Major Mojo — Throw Bwonsamdi's Major Mojo in an area, recovering the life force of his followers in an area. Instant

It serves as an instant ground-targeted area of effect heal with a 0.5 sec GCD and a four target cap. Rescued Worshipers will lose some of their life essence as they are used as part of the ritual. Keep them alive. More and more worshipers will be used at the same time, so click quickly!

Bwonsamdi says: Tink ya breakin' free now, Mueh'zala? Hmph.
Mueh'zala says: Foolish loa! Ya don't be stoppin' me power. First I be feastin' on ya followers... den you!
Bwonsamdi says: Hah! I be callin' da shots now! So ya better start tellin' me all da bad, bad things ya done ta Ardenweald.
Mueh'zala says: Feh! Me no bow down ta ya cheap tricks!
Bwonsamdi says: Tsk. Such a grumpy loa! I... said... SPEAK!
Mueh'zala says: ARGH! Ya be too late! Me gave an ancient spirit da chance ta be joinin' me. Dey made a baaaaaad choice, and now dey be trapped in da Maw!
Bwonsamdi says: Ya don't say? Well, good ting me got a deal with dis mortal who gonna jump in dat bad ol' place... and be gettin' out again!
Mueh'zala says: Ya don't be stoppin' da Jailer! Him be workin' his plans for a long time. A looooooong time.
Mueh'zala says: War been burnin' dis whole world ta ashes... all over one... little... whisper ta dis foolish troll.
Spirit of Vol'jin says: Dat voice... whisperin' as da poison be burnin' in me veins... Windrunner...
Mueh'zala says: Oh, ya like me whispers, little chieftain? Was gonna send ya soul to da Maw meself... but ya bond ta dis world be too hard ta break.
Bwonsamdi says: Ya be borin' us, Mueh'zala! Time for ya to go back to da Other Side.
Bwonsamdi says: Don't ya worry though! Ya got yaself a new master...
Bwonsamdi says: Ya ol' friend Bwonsamdi.
Spirit of Vol'jin says: It be me who named Sylvanas warchief. But Mueh'zala and da Jailer... dey be pullin' da strings all along.
Bwonsamdi says: Den how 'bout we get a little payback, hmm? Rescue dat ancient spirit from da Maw... and bring it nice and safe to da Winter Queen.


  1. N [60] An Expected Guest
  2. N [60] Something Extra for the Winter Queen
  3. N [60] The Problem with Containing a Death Loa, N [60] Dark Mojo for a Dark Loa, and N [60] Delaying the Other Side
  4. N [60] One Little Whisper
  5. N [60] Maw Manifested
  6. N [60] Tracking a Wild God
  7. N [60] Loa Rescue
  8. N [60] Rezan, Loa of Kings
  9. N [60] Parting Ways

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