One fer the Ages

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AllianceOne fer the Ages
Start Grimnur Stonebrand
End Grimnur Stonebrand
Level 60 (Requires 10)
Type Daily
Category Ironforge
Reputation +250 Ironforge
Rewards 9g 40s (or 16g 54s on lvl 85)
Repeatable Yes


Catch a  [Young Ironjaw] in Ironforge's Forlorn Cavern and display it in the Library near the Empty Plaque.

  • Put Young Ironjaw on Display


The exhibited young Ironjaw

I'm sure by now ye've heard the tale o'  [Old Ironjaw], the most famous and elusive fish in the waters o' Ironforge's Forlorn Cavern. Well in his many years, he's been responsible for the rise o' many young ironjaws. Don't let the name fool ye, <name>, these young'uns are every bit as clever as their dad, but somewhat lackin' in experience.

With skill an' patience, ye could probably catch one an' when ye do, bring it to the museum in Ironforge's Library an' put it on display fer all to see!


You will receive: 9g 40s (or 16g 54s on lvl 85) +1 Fishing

You will also receive:
Inv misc bag 12.png [Bag of Shiny Things]


Did ye catch one o' Ironjaw's offspring?


Well done, <name>! Maybe seein' yer catch will inspire more dwarves to take up fishin'!


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