One of a Kind (Tol'mar)

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NeutralOne of a Kind
Start Tol'mar
End Tol'mar
Level 20-30 (Requires 20)
Type Dungeon
Category Gundrak
Rewards  [Fur-Lined Moccasins],  [Rhino Hide Kneeboots],  [Scaled Boots of Fallen Hope],  [Slippers of the Mojo Dojo] or  [Trollkickers]
13g 60s


Tol'mar wants you to recover a piece of the Drakkari Colossus in Gundrak.


Dis whole mess coulda been avoided if da Drakkari had worshipped da gods instead of destroyin' dem.

I heard dat dey have a special golem - one imbued with forbidden powah.

Bring me back a piece from dat golem so we can learn from our bruddas and sistahs.


You find da golem? I'm sure it's in there somewhere.


Amazin'! Dis be like nothing I've ever seer before.

Good work, mon.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv boots cloth 10.png [Fur-Lined Moccasins] Inv boots 08.png [Rhino Hide Kneeboots]
Inv boots chain 06.png [Scaled Boots of Fallen Hope] Inv boots plate 05.png [Slippers of the Mojo Dojo]
Inv boots plate 02.png [Trollkickers]

You will also receive: 13g 60s


Chronicler Bah'Kini in the Cave of Mam'toth offers another version of this quest.

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