Oneiros[54, 16] is an area south of the Jademir Lake in northern Feralas. It contains many night elf ruins where elite green dragonspawn used to patrol, prior to the Cataclysm.

Within the ruins is a small night elf camp, Dreamer's Rest.

Oneiros Digsite

Oneiros Digsite map.jpg

The Oneiros Digsite is a Night Elven archaeology dig site that occupies most of the Oneiros subregion.


The name for this locale most likely originates from the Greek myth of the Oneiroi, the sons of Hypnos, god of sleep. They were demonic personifications of dreams, and the most powerful of the Oneiroi was Morpheus, God of dreams.[1] A fitting name for the realm of Ysera the Dreamer.


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