Only the Best Will Do

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HordeOnly the Best Will Do
Start Skaggit
End Skaggit
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Mechagon Island
Experience 8,950
Rewards 11g 70s
Previous H [120] Machinations for Mechagon
Next H [120] To Mechagon!


Get everything needed to launch the expedition for Mechagon.


You heard Gazlowe. The boss wants this expedition to go smoothly. No cutting corners, no slush.

I know you've worked with Gallywix in the past. We don't run our operations like that.

We expect the best from our crews, so we pay 'em what they're worth and treat 'em well. In return, we got the best goblin crews on the planet, and they ain't goin' over to any competition.

Here's a list of who and what we're gonna need to pull this off. Don't worry, Gazlowe'll cover all the costs.


You will receive:

  • 11g 70s
  • 8,950 XP


Look, <name>, I ain't got time to hold your hand through all this. Figure it out or I'll find someone else who will.


This might be the best crew Gazlowe and I have ever assembled!


Upon accept
Skaggit says: Now let's see... yeah, Zuldazar should have everything we need.
Gazlowe says: Good. Spare no expense, <name>. I want only the best.
Approaching Ricket
Ricket says: I told you I could improve your boat, Uraka!
Uraka Wildthunder says: I don't know...
Ricket says: Okay, okay, maybe the figurehead was a bit much. But the rest is golden. We're a great team!
Speaking with Ricket
Look at that beautiful boat. It's perfect!
But like I was just telling Uraka, there's no point in being beautiful if you're not deadly.
Everything's better with some goblin tech strapped on top of it!

Gossip Gazlowe found Mechagon!

Ricket says: Say no more! If Gazlowe found Mechagon, I'm going with him.
Ricket says: It's been a dream, Uraka, but you're gonna have to test drive our beautiful boat without me.
Ricket says: I've no doubt you'll find ten ways to improve it before sundown. Do it all, and tell me all about it when I get back.
Uraka Wildthunder says: I... will try not to undo your work. It is truly... unique.
Ricket says: 'Course it is, hun. Just like me.
Ricket says: Alright, <name>, I'll meet you and Gazlowe down at the docks. I've got a surprise I think you're gonna like!
Ricket runs towards the port.

Gossip You mounted a telescope... on a boat?

Well, technically, it's an oversized skyscope. But yeah, of course I did!
And a rotating missile turret, an automated escape pod, an embedded generator, and of course a riveted goblin banner so everyone knows who masterminded all of these brilliant modifications!
Uraka was skeptical when I proposed we work together on a new project, but I think we've created something truly amazing together!
Mag'har and goblin tech, together at last!
Approaching Shuga Blastcaps
Shuga Blastcaps yells: Ahhh! Cut it out, you maniac!
Quizla Blastcaps yells: Ha ha ha ha ha! Run, sister, run!
Quizla Blastcaps says: Aww, I used up all my grenades...
Shuga Blastcaps yells: Quizla! Stop wasting all MY grenades! And get out of my workshop!
Speaking with Shuga
You looking to buy something? I've got a sister, half-off right now. No warranties, no returns.
Please, just get her out of here. She's driving me crazy!

Gossip Gazlowe needs supplies for a big expedition to Mechagon.

Gossip Is your sister wearing a Laughing Skull mask?

Yeah, she met up with that crazy Kil'rip...
<Shuga looks over at her shoulder and shouts loud enough for Quizla to hear.>
ONE TIME and suddenly she thinks she's in the Laughing Skull clan"
She's been insufferable ever since.
Don't get me wrong, we sowed plenty of chaos together growing up in Kezan. But we were testing our engineering creations! That chaos had purpose.
Now she's just chucking bombs into the wind for no reason except she thinks it's funny.
We ain't learning anything from that.

Gossip Right... Well, good luck with that. Gazlowe needs supplies for a big expedition to Mechagon.

Gazlowe thinks he's found Mechagon? He wouldn't be the first and I'd be surprised if he's the last.
But, sure, I'll sell him anything he wants! What's he lookin' for?
We've got explosives, rockets, fasteners, unfasteners, gadgets, wires, Kaja Cola, mystery supply boxes... Whatever you need!
Free shipping on orders over 20 pounds!

Gossip He'll take everything you've got. It's a BIG job.

Shuga Blastcaps says: Quizla, I got a job that'll keep you outta my hair for a bit!
Shuga Blastcaps says: Gazlowe just bought out the shop. Wants everything we got delivered to his crew down in the harbor.
Quizla Blastcaps says: Sure thing, sis. I'll start with your secret dynamite stockpiles. Where are they?
Quizla jumps down, grabs a crate, and starts running towards the port. Shuga grabs bombs.
Shuga Blastcaps says: Nice try, ya lil' booger. I'll handle anything that explodes. You carry the rest.
Quizla Blastcaps says: Everything explodes if you throw it hard enough! Ha ha ha ha ha!
Entering the Drunken Drummer
Greasemonkey Hauler yells: Drums! More drums!
Greasemonkey Union Rep yells: More drums and more drinks for everyone!
Greasemonkey Laborer yells: Woohoo!
Speaking with Greasemonkey Union Rep
I saw you talkin' with the boss up at the work site.
You here on business, or you just lookin' to have some fun with the crew?
Gossip Gazlowe's got a new job for the crew.
<The union rep sets her drink down on the table and frowns.>
Yeah, I thought you were gonna say that...
Listen here, bub. This crew just got done working overtime. They're enjoying some well-deserved R&R.
Gazlowe's gonna have to shatter his whole piggy bank if he expects them back on site so soon.
Gossip Gazlowe's on the same page. He's authorized immediate overtime pay.
Gossip I don't have time for this. Get your crew on-site right now or you're all fired!
Fired?! You sound like that fat ol' Gallywix. That cheapskate can't keep a good crew like ours on-site for a week!
The union rep stands up tall and shoves her finger in your chest.>
Listen here, cupcake. Gazlowe don't run his crews like that.
We got a union and we got rights!
If Gazlowe wants us to work, he knows he's gotta negotiate with us.
He wouldn't send you here to threaten us. So what are you up to?
Gossip Okay, I lied. Gazlowe's authorized overtime pay.
That ain't gonna be enough this time.
What's the point of overtime pay if you never get a vacay to spend it on!
Nah nah, goldpockets. You and Gazlowe gotta offer up somethin' special for the crew this time.
Gossip Gazlowe also authorized hazard pay for the whole crew.
Gossip I'm getting tired of negotiating...
Tough cookies, sweetcheeks!
You think YOU'RE tired after negotiatin' for two minutes? This CREW's tired after working all week!
Gazlowe's always been good to us, so I don't know what he was thinking sendin' a two-lipped goon like you down with nothin' but mush for brains.
You better wise up, or better yet, get outta here and tell Gazlowe to send someone who isn't Gallywix's brain-twin to talk things through with us.
Gossip I, uh, guess I forgot that Gazlowe also authorized hazard pay for the whole crew.
<The union rep smirks and nods her head.>
Now we're gettin' somewhere. Triple the normal pay... I can sell the crew on that. Look, everybody on the crew loves Gazlowe. He takes good care of us, so we're gonna take care of whatever he needs.
But I'm gonna need one more thing to get the whole crew onboard. Somethin' small, but it's gotta be flashy.
Gossip Robot pup mascot for the crew... and you can name it!
Gossip Weekly beach party on Mechagon's sandy shore!
Gossip Free popsicles with almost no natural flavors!
Gossip Pink flamingo lawn ornament for every worker!
Gossip Free barbecue... No, donuts! Maybe... barbecued donuts?
Gossip Joyrides in Gazlowe's shredder!
Gossip Pin the chin on the[sic] Gallywix!
Gossip Gazlowe'll cover everyone's tab here!
Yep, that'll work. You can tell Gazlowe that he's got himself a deal.
<The union rep spits in her hand and offers it to you.>
<It ain't official 'til we shake.>
Gossip <Spit in your hand and shake hers.>
The union rep walks in a circle.
Greasemonkey Union Rep yells: Last call, Greasemonkeys!
Greasemonkey Union Rep yells: The boss got another job for us. We leave in five!
Greasemonkey Laborer says: But we just got done workin'!
Greasemonkey Union Rep yells: Gazlowe's giving us triple pay for the whole job! Anyone wants to miss that can stay behind and drink alone!
Greasemonkey Laborer says: Whoa whoa, I ain't said nothin' about missing triple pay. Sign me up!
Greasemonkey Union Rep yells: Your union reps'll give you details on the way. For now, bottoms up!
Greasemonkey Laborer says: To Gazlowe... and triple pay!

Gossip I'm just here to party!

The player drinks alcohol.
Then let's party, sweetcheeks!
<The union rep shoves a drink in your face and forces you to drink it while she leads the crew in a chant.>
On return
The Greasemonkey goblins are near Gazlowe. Some of the laborers are flying towards and from the Greasy Eel, carrying supplies.
Skaggit yells: Get those supplies on the sub! Move it!
Gazlowe says: I owe you one, Ricket. This boat's a beaut.
Ricket says: Told you it would be.


  1. H [120] Rumors of Mechagon
  2. H [120] The Legend of Mechagon
  3. H [120] A Quick Ear Hustle
  4. H [120] This is Our Vault Now
  5. H [120] Let's Get It Started
  6. H [120] You Must be This Height
  7. H [120] Machinations for Mechagon
  8. H [120] Only the Best Will Do
  9. H [120] To Mechagon!
  10. H [120] Prospectus Bay
  11. H [120] We Come in Peace... and Profit

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