NeutralOnly the Worthy Shall Pass

Master Li Fei
Start Master Li Fei [38.8, 25.5]
End Master Li Fei [38.8, 25.5]
Level 1-20
Category Wandering Isle
Experience 360
Reputation +250 Shang Xi's Academy
Rewards  [Master's Haversack] and:
 [Mace of the Master],
 [Staff of the Master], or
 [Dagger of the Master]
Previous N [1-20] The Challenger's Fires
Next N [1-20] Huo, the Spirit of Fire


Defeat Master Li Fei in combat.


It is time for you to face me. With these three fires illuminating your potential, we will see with certainty whether your resolved soul is truly worthy of passing.


You will receive: 75c
Inv misc bag 11.png [Master's Haversack]

and one of:


Remember always, the superior warrior is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions.


On accept:

Master Li Fei says: Speak to me when you are ready for combat, young <class>.
Master Li Fei knocks the adventurer to the center of the arena.

Master Li Fei, a boss-level pandaren, has 12,240 health and the following abilities:

  • Basic melee — 23-27 on cloth
  • Ability monk roundhousekick.png  Flying Shadow Kick — Appear behind your target and deliver a swift flying kick knocking them away and stunning them for 2 sec.
  • Ability monk standingkick.png  Feet of Fury — Swiftly kicks target enemy, inflicting 20 Physical damage every .5 secs for 3 secs.
  • Spell frost stun.png  Flying Shadow Kick — Stunned.

However, the three braziers provide adventuring pandaren with buffs of their own:

  • Blessing of the Blue Flame — Increases mana regeneration significantly.
  • Blessing of the Red Flame — Increases health and health regeneration significantly.
  • Blessing of the Purple Flame — Increases damage done significantly.

Players jump from around 200 health to around 1,200 health, and damage dealt is multiplied by a factor of around 30. Additionally, the health and mana regeneration rates are so highly increased it is impossible to die as players will outheal any damage Li Fei deals out. Take this opportunity to do damage levels not seen for another 10-15 levels!

On victory:

Master Li Fei says: You have earned the right to proceed. Huo lies beyond.


  1. N [1] Much to Learn
  2. N [1-20] The Lesson of the Iron Bough
  3. N [1-20] The Lesson of the Sandy Fist
  4. N [1-20] The Lesson of Stifled Pride
  5. N [1-20] The Lesson of the Burning Scroll
  6. N [1-20] The Disciple's Challenge
  7. N [1-20] Aysa of the Tushui
  8. N [1-20] Items of Utmost Importance & N [1-20] The Missing Driver
  9. N [1-20] The Way of the Tushui
  10. N [1-20] Ji of the Huojin
  11. N [1-20] The Way of the Huojin
  12. N [1-20] Kindling the Fire & N [1-20] Fanning the Flames
  13. N [1-20] The Spirit's Guardian
  14. N [1-20] The Challenger's Fires
  15. N [1-20] Only the Worthy Shall Pass
  16. N [1-20] Huo, the Spirit of Fire
  17. N [1-20] The Passion of Shen-zin Su

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