For the quest, see H IconSmall Goblin Male.gifIconSmall Goblin Female.gif [1-20] Oomlot Village.

Oomlot Village front entrance.

Oomlot Village after the volcano erupts.

Oomlot Village is a pygmy village located east of Town-In-A-Box and northeast of Ruins of Vashj'elan, located on Lost Isles. Inside, pygmy witch doctors are turning the Town-In-A-Box villagers into goblin zombies.


Just outside

Notes and trivia

  • Having no time to escape the pygmies are killed and the village is destroyed by the fires that came from the tunnel which leads to Volcanoth's Lair.
  • The name of the village may derive from the umlauts used in heavy metal band names. The pygmies seem to have heavy metal aesthetics.

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