MobOomooroo wildkin
Oomooroo wildkin.jpg
Main leader None
  Formerly Mob  Chieftain Oomooroo † (last)
Race(s) Wildkin Wildkin
Base of operations Stillpine Hold
Theater of operations Azuremyst Isle
Language(s) Unknown
Status Active (WoW)
Extinct (Lore)

The Oomooroo wildkin were a group of wildkin that inhabited Azuremyst Isle. Like the other local groups of wildkin, they had succumbed to madness caused by the radiation that came from the draenei's crystals. They attacked their former allies, the Stillpine tribe, and took over their Hold with the help of a beast known as The Kurken.[1][2] Through some digging, an adventurer found a Blood Crystal stationed deep in the cave that was confirmed to be the source of the corruption.[3]

With no other choice, Stillpine the Younger sends in an adventurer to kill their leader, Chieftain Oomooroo. After defeating their leader, he sends an attack squad to clear the Hold. They would all be wiped out.[4][5]





  • Since they are led by a chieftain, they are likely a clan or a tribe.