NeutralOpening the Door
Start Matoclaw [27.2, 62.6]
End Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem [27.1, 54.5]
Level 85 (Requires 85)
Category Firelands Invasion
Experience 6940
Reputation +10 Guardians of Hyjal
Previous B [85] Guardians of Hyjal: Firelands Invasion! (optional)
Next N [85] A Ritual of Flame

Opening the Door starts the Firelands Invasion quest chain proper, added in Patch 4.2.0. Players must have completed the Mount Hyjal storyline up to and including N [81] Aessina's Miracle in order for this quest to open up at the Sanctuary of Malorne in the Regrowth of Mount Hyjal.


Report to Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem at Nordune Ridge in Mount Hyjal.


You're a bit late. Hamuul, Malfurion, and some of our esteemed guests have already traveled to the invasion point, atop that cliff.

Our gate to the Firelands is not yet completed, but it will be shortly. The sooner we can break through, the better.

Go on! Hamuul will be expecting you.


<Name>. It is good to see you again. Our gate is nearly opened.


You will receive:


Nordune Ridge is the former location of Nordu, located due north of the Sanctuary of Malorne. A new flamegate is in the process, charged by Hyjal Ritualists. Charred Invaders are streaming out of the flamegate, being quickly met by Hyjal Assault Troopers in bear, cat, moonkin, and flight forms. Behind the front line are Hamuul Runetotem, Malfurion Stormrage, Saynna Stormrunner and Skylord Omnuron. Speak to Runetotem to continue.


Optional breadcrumbs: B [85] Guardians of Hyjal: Call of the Ancients & B [85] Guardians of Hyjal: Firelands Invasion!

  1. N [85] Opening the Door
  2. N [85] A Ritual of Flame
  3. N [85] To the Sanctuary!
  4. N [85] Caught Unawares
  5. N [85] The Sanctuary Must Not Fall
  6. Dailies open up:
  7. N [85] Calling for Reinforcements (requires [Mark of the World Tree] x20)

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