Operation: Surprise Party

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AllianceOperation: Surprise Party
Start Thaelin Darkanvil
End Rangari Ogir
Level 99 (Requires 98)
Category Nagrand (alternate universe)
Experience 14,800 experience
Rewards 14g 60s
Previous A [99] Up and Running


Use Thaelin's Copter to get up to the Rangari Overlook.

  • Thaelin's Copter used


There weren't many survivors of the Warsong attack. The few remaining rangari have gone up to one of the bluffs overlooking Telaar.

The rangari are waiting for you. They're planning a surprise counter-attack.

My copter's taken a beating. The auto-pilot's set to take you up there. I think she's got one last trip in her.



We've been expecting you, commander.

The situation is grim, but doable with your help.


You will also receive: 14g 60s


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