Operation Fishgut

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HordeOperation Fishgut
Start Wrenchmen Recruitment Poster
End Commander Molotov
Level 16 (Requires 12)
Category Azshara
Experience 580
Reputation +75 Bilgewater Cartel
Next H [16] Rapid Deployment


Report for active duty to Commander Molotov under the main cannon in Bilgewater Harbor.


The Bilgewater Battalion are now accepting recruits for OPERATION FISHGUT.

Wages will consist of 1 gold piece at the time of operation completion for all active soldiers in good standing. All wages will be forfeited in the event of death. A fee of 20 silver will be charged for any resurrections performed in the line of duty.

All recruits are to report for duty directly to Commander Molotov under the main cannon.


Welcome back to duty soldier. Good to have you back.


When Commander Molotov sees you:

  • Commander Molotov says: Good to see you again, <name>.


  1. H [16] Operation Fishgut
  2. H [16] Rapid Deployment
  3. H [16] There Are Many Like It
  4. H [16] First Come, First Served / H [16] Halo Drops / H [16] Mop Up
  5. H [17] Field Promotion
  6. Complete all of the following:
  7. H [17] Shore Leave

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