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Opposites Repel (demon hunter)

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NeutralOpposites Repel
Start Baric Stormrunner
End Baric Stormrunner
Level 102 (Requires 102)
Category Inscription
Experience 15,340
Rewards 16g 20s
Previous N Demon hunter Inscription [102] Defense Symbology
Next N Inscription [102] Containing the Demon Within


Collect ley dust from the nightfallen in Zarkhenar.


The ruins nearby have had an eruption of ley energies. Twisted night elves deemed "Nightfallen" are scavenging the area as we speak.

Collect ley dust for me from the nightfallen in the ruins up ahead. The dust is infused with arcane energy that I'll need to complete my ritual.


You will receive: 16g 20s


Even though they are opposites, one can not exist without the other.


If you can believe it, that was the easy part.

The next part will be a bit more challenging, at least for me it will.



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