• Optical Target Embiggener
  • Use: Permanently attaches a scope to a ranged weapon, causing it to occasionally increase Critical Strike by 303 for 12 sec when dealing damage with ranged attacks.

    Attaching this device to a ranged weapon causes it to become soulbound.
  • Requires Level 51
  • "Boom. Headshot."
  • Sell Price: 25s

Optical Target Embiggeners are created with Engineering (75); taught by Machinist Au'gur in Oribos.

Materials required:
Inv engineering 90 gizmo.png 1x [Wormfed Gear Assembly] Inv engineering 90 bolts.png 5x [Handful of Laestrite Bolts]
Inv jewelcrafting 90 gem red.png 1x [Angerseye] Inv jewelcrafting 90 gem yellow.png 1x [Oriblase]

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