For the boss in the Battle of Dazar'alor, see Opulence.
NeutralOpulence Ba'hare
Image of Opulence Ba'hare
Title <Cartel Ba>
Race Broker (Humanoid)
Level 59 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Cartel Ba
Location Broker's Den, Oribos
Status Alive

Opulence Ba'hare is a broker located in the Broker's Den in Oribos.



Welcome. What do you seek from the brokers?

We are ever at your service.

Gossip Are you in charge here?

In charge? No, I wouldn't say that I am in charge, exactly.

I am but one of many. But you could say that my voice carries a certain weight.

Influence is often more meaningful than power, don't you think?

So let's settle on influential. I am... influential.

Gossip So what exactly do you influence?

Well, it is safe to say that I influence my own cartel.

I am one of the elders of the Ba Cartel. We value the accumulation of information and knowledge. The application of such knowledge has the side effect of allowing us to accumulate influence and wealth.

We Brokers value success, and we are not afraid to display the results of our endeavors. Hence the title my peers honor me with.

So I influence my beloved cartel in order that they may share in my success. I seek only to ensure that we continue to prosper.

Occasionally a Discreet Facilitator will drop by for a report
  • Discreet Facilitator says: I must report that the demands of the mortals are pushing the limits of our portal capacity.
Opulence Ba'hare says: Ba'solo, we must expand the reach of our networks.
Emissary Ba'solo says: I shall speak to Ta'saran. His cartel may be able to assist.
Opulence Ba'hare says: Be discreet. No need to disclose our margins. Am I clear?
Emissary Ba'solo says: As you will it, Opulence.
  • Discreet Facilitator says: Opulence, I am happy to report that everything goes according to plan.
Opulence Ba'hare says: Welcome news, but I expect no less.
Emissary Ba'solo says: We may yet profit from these endeavors.
Opulence Ba'hare says: When I profit, we all profit. Each according to their station.
Discreet Facilitator says: Of course, Opulence.
  • Discreet Facilitator says: Opulence. I must report that some of the caretakers are growing agitated about our activity.
Emissary Ba'solo says: We must take appropriate actions to placate them. Nothing can be allowed [sic] interfere with the operation.
Opulence Ba'hare says: When I profit, we all profit. Each according to their station.
Discreet Facilitator says: Of course, Opulence.
Every now and then Ta'mari will drop by
  • Ta'mari says: Reporting in, Opulence. The attendant are asking questions about the portal network, but nothing I can't handle.
Opulence Ba'hare says: Do not underestimate them. I know you are an astute broker, but keep your guard up.
Emissary Ba'solo says: Indeed. The caretakers are also astute, but I trust you, Ta'mari. Keep your associates on track.
Ta'mari says: I will do my best. For the cartel, of course.
Discreet Facilitator says: Of course, Opulence.
  • Ta'mari says: Reporting in, Opulence. We've managed to increase the portal network capacity once again.
Opulence Ba'hare says: Excellent news. Pass my regards to your associates.
Emissary Ba'solo says: Although I would wager you had a hand in the improvement, Ta'mari?
Ta'mari says says: I was honored to play a small part.
Opulence Ba'hare says: Excellent. Keep it up.
When nothing else is going on, Ba'here and Ba'solo will have a chat
  • Emissary Ba'solo says: Thank you for allowing me to accompany you on this pilgrimage, Opulence. The Eternal City is wondrous indeed!
Opulence Ba'hare says: It is impressive, Ba'solo. But it pales in comparison to other works of the First Ones.
Emissary Ba'solo says: You... you have seen their handiwork? The patterns? The geometry?
Opulence Ba'hare says: That is for me to know. I will speak no further of it here.
  • Opulence Ba'hare says: We must take care, Ba'solo. There are limits to the patience of the attendants, and I do not want this opportunity squandered.
Emissary Ba'solo says: Agreed, Opulence. Kah-Delen is more observant than she would have us believe.
Opulence Ba'hare says: Placate their precious Purpose. It is a means to our end.
Emissary Ba'solo says: As you will it, Opulence.
  • Emissary Ba'solo says: Opulence, I have heard tales that long ago the Eternal Ones gathered in the Arbiter's chamber.
Opulence Ba'hare says: Pay no mind to such stories. There is no profit to be found in them.
Emissary Ba'solo says: But are they not the most powerful beings in the Shadowlands? You always say there is profit in power.
Opulence Ba'hare says: When power is coupled with desire, yes. But beings like the Archon and the Winter Queen want only souls. And that, we cannot give them. Yet.
  • Opulence Ba'hare says: This is an interesting time, Ba'solo. We should strive to find the cause of this chaos. Such knowledge may prove useful.
Emissary Ba'solo says: Opulence, do you mean the location of the sepul--
Opulence Ba'hare says: Silence! Do not speak of the grand design!
Emissary Ba'solo says: A thousand pardons, Opulence! Please, forgive my enthusiasm.
  • Opulence Ba'hare says: How do our operations go in the ring above?
Discreet Facilitator says: All goes well, Opulence. The mortals continue to consume.
Opulence Ba'hare says: Fortunate for us that they possess such voracious appetites.
Emissary Ba'solo says: And that you are so shrewd as to turn their desires into our profits.
Trader Ba'telk says: I am growing fond of these mortals. Many possess flexible morals. I can appreciate that.
Trader Ba'gor says: Not sure they would agree. They seem to believe they are the heroes of the story.
Trader Ba'telk says: That depends on who is telling the story, does it not?

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