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Image of Or'Dac
Title <Brackenwall Emisary[sic]>
Race Ogre mage (Humanoid)
Level 15-35
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Stonemaul clan
Occupation Ambassador
Location Domination Point, Krasarang Wilds
Status Killable

Or'Dac is an ogre from the Brackenwall Village in Dustwallow Marsh found at Domination Point in Krasarang Wilds.


  • Spell arcane blast.png  Arcane Blast — Blasts the target with energy, dealing Arcane damage. Each time you cast Arcane Blast, the damage of all Arcane spells is increased by 60% and mana cost of Arcane Blast is increased by 30%. Effect stacks up to 4 times and lasts until cancelled or until any Arcane damage spell except Arcane Blast is cast. 
  • Spell nature starfall.png  Arcane Missiles — Launches magical missiles at an enemy, inflicting Arcane damage. 
  • Spell arcane blink.png  Blink — Teleports the caster 20 yd. forward unless something is in the way. Also frees the caster from any bonds. 
  • Spell frost frostnova.png  Frost Nova — Inflicts Frost damage to nearby enemies, immobilizing them for up to 4 sec. 
  • Spell nature polymorph.png  Polymorph: Sheep — Transforms the enemy into a helpless sheep that cannot cast spells or attack and movement speed is reduced by 60% for up to 10 sec. 


Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the PTR stages.

Objective of


  • A <class>?! I hate <class>es! <Tasty though.>
  • At last! A warm-up! <Tiny Alliance person!>
  • Avenge me... Dac! <No, you avenge me... Or!>

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