NeutralOrder of Incantations
Start Joanna
End Automatic
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Artifact
Experience 16,450
Rewards 19g 40s
Previous N [45] Professionally Good Looking
Next N [45] The Archmage Accosted


Speak with Xylem's apprentices in Bear's Head to decipher the code to open the barrier to his tower.

  • Apprentices Questioned (5) (Optional)
  • Barrier Puzzle Solved


The barrier shielding the tower can only be opened by activating the imbued gems in the correct order. The order is only known to Xylem and his inner circle of apprentices. No others have yet been able to decipher the code, and mistakes are met with deadly consequences.

The aspiring apprentices spend a lot of their time around the tower. Some may have seen or heard something that might point to a solution.

Let us hope, for your sake, their information proves valuable.


You will receive:

  • 19g 40s
  • 16,450 XP


The barrier is lifted!

Xylem awaits inside the tower, and hopefully the stolen Focus iris as well.


The apprentices are located very close by, east of the tower's base. The correct order is: Arcane, Frost, Fire, Shadow.

Kyla Royce
Yeah, Xylem's gone a little mad, but he's still a renowned archmage! Just think of what I could learn from him!
Gossip Do you know anything about the barrier puzzle?
One of the inner circle apprentices told me "One must master the traditional schools before delving into the realm of shadow."
I think that was supposed to be a hint.
Elaine Clayton
I had a nice outfit like you before, but I got tired of being challenged by the other apprentices.
I'm sure Xylem will let me in the tower on the merit of my spellcasting!
Gossip Do you know anything about the barrier puzzle?
I saw one of the apprentices enter once, though all I was able to see was that he activated the white gem before the red one.
I be tranin' all day to make da archmage notice me down here, but so far nothing'!
I wonda if he's even gonna be takin' any more apprentices...
Gossip Do you know anything about the barrier puzzle?
You wanna be gettin' past da barrier? Good luck, mon.
Just make sure ya don't touch any of da crystals twice, ya hear? Bad things happen to dose dat do.
Neal Padley
Um, hello. Can I help you with something?
Gossip Do you know anything about the barrier puzzle?
I think it has something to do with the order Xylem teaches his apprentices.
I only started learning Arcane, though, so I'm not sure what the rest of the order would be.
Girrum Highdust
I'm sure if I study hard enough that Xylem will let me in the tower.
If I could find a bonnie hat like the one you've got, that couldn't hurt either.
Gossip Do you know anything about the barrier puzzle?
One of the other apprentices was pretty sure the order was simply right to left.
I think his name was... Heinrich?

This is a reference to a pair of smoking boots before the barrier, both labeled "Heinrich", indicating that right to left is not the right order.

  • Archmage Xylem yells: Did I hear something?
  • Archmage Xylem yells: Please, I can't concentrate when people keep dying at my doorstep!
  • Archmage Xylem yells: No, no, no! Not that one!
  • Archmage Xylem yells: That had to hurt.
  • Archmage Xylem yells: Will you stop that? You're making a mess!
  • Archmage Xylem yells: Order matters, apprentice! You may want to study your notes a smidge more.
  • Archmage Xylem yells: Are you trying to... to brute force the barrier? That's not how you were taught!
  • Archmage Xylem yells: Marvelous effort... but also completely, utterly, fantastically incorrect!
  • Archmage Xylem yells: Do be careful. Wrong answers are bad for your health, and I do mean that. Quite literally!


  1. N [45] The Broken Shore: Investigating the Legion
  2. N [45] The Council's Call
  3. N [45] Away From Prying Eyes
  4. N [45] In Dire Need
  5. Depending on Spec:
    • Brewmaster/Blood/Guardian/Protection/Protection/Vengeance
    1. N [45] Legion Threat: Dalaran Infiltration
    2. N [45] Aid of the Illidari / N Demon hunter [45] Vengeance: Seeking Kor'vas
    3. N [45] Gathering Information
    4. N [45] Confirming Suspicions
    5. N [45] Between Worlds
    6. N [45] Dark Omens
    • Holy/Holy/Mistweaver/Restoration/Restoration
    1. N [45] Legion Threat: Val'sharah
    2. N [45] The Bradensbrook Investigaton
    3. N [45] Aid on the Front Lines
    4. N [45] Shadowsong's Return
    5. N [45] Cutting off the Heads & N [45] Quieting the Spirits
    6. N [45] Source of the Corruption
    7. N [45] The Matter Resolved... For Now...
    • Elemental/Feral/Fire/Fury/Outlaw/Unholy
    1. N [45] The Folly of Levia Laurence
    2. N [45] Bargaining with Shadows
    3. N [45] The Acolyte Imperiled
    4. N [45] Dabbling in the Demonic
    5. N [45] Following the Scent
    6. N [45] Unlikely Seduction
    7. N [45] Fel-Crossed Lovers
    • Arms/Frost/Havoc/Survival/Subtlety
    1. N [45] Legion Threat: Azshara
    2. N [45] The Thieving Apprentice
    3. N [45] Professionally Good Looking
    4. N [45] Order of Incantations
    5. N [45] The Archmage Accosted
    6. N [45] A Portal Away
    • Affliction/Balance/Frost/Marksmanship/Shadow
    1. N [45] Legion Threat: The Necromancer
    2. N [45] The Twisted Twin
    3. N [45] Message from the Shadows
    4. N [45] Secrets in the Underbelly
    5. N [45] The Wisdom of the Council
    6. N [45] Where it's Thinnest
    7. N [45] Runes of Rending
    8. N [45] One Step Behind
    • Beast Mastery/Destruction/Discipline/Windwalker
    1. N [45] Legion Threat: Highmountain / N [45] Legion Threat: The Missing Mage
    2. N [45] Rumblings Near Feltotem
    3. N [45] The Burning Birds
    4. N [45] The Tainted Marsh
    5. N [45] Village of the Corruptors
    6. N [45] The Feltotem Menace
    7. N [45] Destroying the Nest
    8. N [45] A Triumphant Report
    • Arcane/Assassination/Demonology/Enhancement/Retribution
    1. N [45] Legion Threat: Suramar
    2. N [45] Fate of the Tideskorn
    3. N [45] The Reluctant Queen
    4. N [45] To Silence the Bonespeakers
    5. N [45] To Tame the Drekirjar
    6. N [45] The Forgotten Heir
    7. N [45] Unanswered Questions
    8. N [45] The Gates Are Closed
  6. N [45] A Gift From the Six
  7. Finales:
    • Elemental/Feral/Fire/Fury/Outlaw/Unholy
    1. N [110] An Impossible Foe
    2. N [110] The Imp Mother's Gift
    • Arms/Frost/Havoc/Survival/Subtlety
    1. N [110] Closing the Eye
    2. N [110] In Safer Hands
    3. N [110] Xylem's Gift
    • Holy/Holy/Mistweaver/Restoration/Restoration
    1. N [110] End of the Risen Threat
    2. N [110] Jarod's Gift
    • Beast Mastery/Destruction/Discipline/Windwalker
    1. N [110] Feltotem's Fall
    2. N [110] Navarrogg's Gift
    • Arcane/Assassination/Demonology/Enhancement/Retribution
    1. N [110] The God-Queen's Fury
    2. N [110] Eyir's Forgiveness
    3. N [110] A Common Enemy
    4. N [110] The God-Queen's Gift
    • Brewmaster/Blood/Guardian/Protection/Protection/Vengeance
    1. N [110] The Highlord's Return
    2. N [110] Kruul's Gift
    • Affliction/Balance/Frost/Marksmanship/Shadow
    1. N [110] Thwarting the Twins
    2. N [110] Raest's Gift

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