NeutralOrder of the Awakened
Stormshield Arakkoa Area.jpg
Race(s) IconSmall HighArakkoa.gifArakkoa Arakkoa
Base of operations Stormshield, Warspear, Lion's Watch, Vol'mar
Theater of operations Ashran, Tanaan Jungle
Status Active
Quartermaster  Dawn-Seeker Krisek
Notable reward(s)  [Reins of the Corrupted Dreadwing]
 [Rukhmar's Sacred Memory]
 [Blazing Firehawk]

“The differences that have set the Arakkoa apart for years seem so trivial today. We have squandered the might of our people on fear and mistrust of one another when we should have been looking beyond the safety of Skyreach. There is nothing to be done about the past, but know that there are some who wish for our people to be more than a footnote to what Gul'dan has wrought. I will help you, <class>. We must all help one another now, or this world is doomed.”

Dawn-Seeker Krisek

The Order of the Awakened are an arakkoa faction made up of both cursed and high arakkoa. The Order gathers Apexis Crystals to bring a new and brighter future for their people. The Arakkoa Outcasts are vexed by them, due to the crimes high arakkoa in general have committed against cursed arakkoa. Nevertheless, the Outcasts hope that the Order will be true to their words, and have taken a 'wait and see' stance with the faction.[1]

The Order of the Awakened was not formed until after the Spires of Arak storyline and is a product of the players' actions.[2]

Members of the order can be found at Stormshield and Warspear in Ashran, trading goods in exchange for the crystals.

When both the Sethekk and former Outcasts led by Shadow-Sage Iskar allied themselves with the Shadow Council and Burning Legion, the Order of the Awakened began to fight them in the Tanaan Jungle.


The Order claim to seek a peaceful new era for the arakkoa,[3][4] and seek the knowledge of the Apexis in order to bring this about.[3] The Order claim to represent the best interests of the arakkoa.[3]


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Tanaan Jungle


Reputation with the Order can, for the most part, only be gained through a one-time quest (N [40G] Unknowable Power) and thereafter a single daily quest (N [40 Daily] Unseen Influence) that requires collecting 10  [Fel-Corrupted Apexis Fragment] that drop from vignettes, treasures and rare mobs in Tanaan Jungle.

 [Medallion of the Legion] also grants 1,000 reputation with the Order.

Reaching revered reputation with Order of the Awakened is one of the requirements for Alliance  [Tanaan Diplomat], which in turn is a requirement for  [Draenor Pathfinder], the achievement that grants the ability to fly in Draenor.

Faction description

Survivors of a grisly civil war, these beleaguered arakkoans hope the reclamation of apexis artifacts will hold the key to peacefully rebuilding their civilization.


Dawn-Seeker Krisek
<Order of the Awakened>
Rep Item Cost Type
Friendly  [Reins of the Corrupted Dreadwing] 150,000 Apexis Crystal Mount
 [Order of the Awakened Battle Standard] 50g Battle Standard
Honored  [Gemcutter Module: Multistrike] 3,000g 3,000 Apexis Crystal Recipe
 [Hunter's Seeking Crystal] 1,000g Teleport
 [Contract: Solar Priest Vayx] 1,000 Apexis Crystal Follower contract
Revered  [Master Hunter's Seeking Crystal] 5,000g 1 Hunter's Seeking Crystal Teleport
 [Rukhmar's Sacred Memory] 50,000 Apexis Crystal Toy
Exalted  [Order of the Awakened Tabard] 30g Tabard
 [Blazing Firehawk] 2,000 Apexis Crystal Companion
 [Ship: The Awakener] 200g Ship Blueprint


  • Due to their friendly nature and the presence of Rilak and Kirrik, they seem to be based on the Light-following Skettis Exiles of the main timeline.

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