Ordinary Pebble (Darkwood Shoal)

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No loitering. Rub the pebble and get out!

This Ordinary Pebble is found at [63.1, 21.6] in a cave at Darkwood Shoal beneath the Tortaka Refuge in northern Vol'dun, part of the Riddle of Baa'l.

The cave mouth is found at the base of a tree at [63.2, 21.3], and is easily reached from above. This cave is the home of Clatterback, a krolusk who does not take kindly to visitors. Clatterback makes his displeasure known by one- or two-shotting anyone entering it's cave. No need to get too close, as the pebble is about twenty yards in front of it along the west wall, guarded by some bigger rocks.


The next pebble is found in a cave in Stormsong Valley [68, 10].

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