Ordinary Pebble (Fatigue Ship)

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At the bottom of the sea death lies waiting.

This Ordinary Pebble is the second most pebble from the bottom left of a mosaic window on the stern of a sunken ship north of Zandalar.[54, 7]


Blip.png It is part of the Riddle of Baa'l.

The depth of the ship is considerable in addition to it being in fatigue waters, and some form of swim speed boost will be needed. Alternatively, a Ability rogue grapplinghook.png  [Felslate Anchor] can be used. Consider taking off all equipment that takes durability damage (and put it in the bank!) to save the inevitable death and resurrection sickness penalty. It is not possible to reach the location of the wreck as a ghost, resurrect, and hearth/teleport out before dying again due to fatigue.


... Next pebble is found in one of the cellars in the maze in Proudmoore Academy in Boralus [37, 80]

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