Not to be confused with Ordo tribe.
Main leader  Ordos
Race(s) Yaungol Yaungol
Character classes Shaman, warrior
Base of operations Ordon Sanctuary, Timeless Isle
Theater of operations Timeless Isle
Status Active

The Ordon are a large warlike tribe of yaungol found on the Timeless Isle. While the yaungol as a race are usually associated with fire, the Ordon base their entire culture around it. The Ordon worship and are led by Ordos, a yaungol shaman who sacrificed himself to the flame to become a demigod. As a threat to Pandaria, they are opposed by the recently awoken Emperor Shaohao and his allies. They offer rewards such as the  [Reins of the Ashhide Mushan Beast] to those who would kill their enemies (AKA, everyone else).


The pandaren monks of the Timeless Isle once lived in peace with the Ordon, before the Isle vanished and was lost to the timeways.[1]

When the village of Pi'jiu was attacked by the Ordon yaungol generations ago, the villagers bravely erected a keg in the center of the village. The following morning, after the celebration had died down, the still-drunken yaungol blearily agreed to a peace treaty.[2]


Yaungol fire-keepers ritualistically set themselves ablaze to emulate the ascension of Ordos, and cast enchantments and prayers to ease his pain.[3] Before attacking, the Ordon yaungol will often summon a storm of ash to blind their foes.[4] High-ranking Ordon chanters can control the weather, ensuring that snow and rain never fall on the eternal fires of the Ordon Sanctuary.[5] Ritualistic sacrifice is a requirement to enter the ranks of the Ordon.[6] Ordon Fire-Watchers carry the ashes of their victims in a special pouch that keeps them smouldering.[7] Followers of Ordos carry small cauldrons of fire with them for long journeys into the wilderness.[8]

Notable members

Ordon classes

Gaining Bloody Coins

Those who choose to join the burning ranks of the Ordon, the yaungol followers of Ordos, will have access to the powers of the  [Censer of Eternal Agony]. Using the Censer will flag you for PvP to everyone-even your own faction. Your skin takes on a bright flame effect, showing all around that you've summoned the rage of Ordos and are out for blood. Using the Censer also immediately reduces your health to 10% of its maximum (which you can then heal back up over time), keeping it from becoming a quick ganking device. On PvE realms, the rules of flagging still apply; it won't become open warfare, but players can choose to engage these flagged players if they like. On PvP realms, though, this menacing new threat will certainly be a target for both factions. Finally, when you kill other players while you’re under the effects of the Censer, you'll gain Bloody Coins, a currency that can be exchanged for exclusive rewards.[9] Bloody Coins are also acquired via world pvp on the Timeless Isle after using a  [Fire-Watcher's Oath] to take the form of an Ordon yaungol. Using either item will flag the player for PvP and make them hostile to both factions.

As currency

Speaker Gulan
<Emissary of Ordos>
Item Cost Type
 [Censer of Eternal Agony] 1,000 Timeless Coin PvP mode
 [Fire-Watcher's Oath] 100 Timeless Coin PvP mode
 [Black Ash] 1 Bloody Coin -healing
 [Pouch of White Ash] 20 Bloody Coin Trinket
 [Vengeful Porcupette] 100 Bloody Coin Companion pet
 [Reins of the Ashhide Mushan Beast] 500 Bloody Coin Mount (150)