Orgrimmar Rear Gate.

The Orgrimmar Rear Gate connects the city of Orgrimmar to Azshara, controlled by the Horde-allied goblins of the Bilgewater Cartel. It is set at the end of a long canyon road leading from the Valley of Honor.

Ag'tor Bloodfist and Labor Captain Grabbit await adventurers here with the first quests of the Azshara storyline. Talrendis Scouts can initially be found sneaking around the vicinity at first, but as the storyline progresses, it comes under siege from Alliance forces. Despite this Horde forces, with the aid of adventurers, are able to repel the invasion.

During the Legion Invasions, demons targeted the area. Allied forces cooperated by Jastor Gallywix defended the area.


On taking the quest H [5-30] Defend the Gates! and entering Orgrimmar Rear Gate is a phased for the quest, as the area is 'attacked' by Talrendis Raiders. The area stays phased until you head west for the quest H [5-30] Arborcide.

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