Orgrimmar Rocketway Exchange

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Orgrimmar Rocketway Exchange

The Orgrimmar Rocketway Exchange is a station of the Bilgewater Cartel Rocketway, near the rear gate to the city of Orgrimmar.

Many goblins previously residing in Goblin Slums, now replaced with Orgrimmar Embassy, were moved inside the building here as part of a "workforce adjustment."[1] Allied races must be unlocked in order to see them here.

The quest H [10] Return of the Highborne? acts as a breadcrumb quest from the rear gate to this location.

Travel connections


Horde Southern Rocketway Terminus
Horde Gallywix Rocketway Exchange
Horde Northern Rocketway Exchange
Horde Northern Rocketway Terminus


Inside the building.
At the top of the elevator
Inside the building

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