NeutralOrmgul the Pestilent
Start Jale Rivermane
End Jale Rivermane
Level 10-45
Category Highmountain
Experience 15,050
Reputation +150 Highmountain Tribe
Rewards  [Snowblind Treads]
or  [Drogstitch Footwraps]
or  [Whitewater Sabatons]
or  [Thunderpeak Warboots]
or  [Ormgul's Bug Sprayer]
or  [Poison-Resistant Pumpkin]
or  [Cleansed Poison Idol]
15g 80s
Previous N [10-45] The Rivermane Tribe
Next N [10-45] The Flow of the River


Slay Ormgul the Pestilent and acquire his Bug Sprayer.


We've lived at peace with the drogbar for years--our tribe more even than the others. But we were betrayed in our last trade with them at Riverbend.

They usually supply us with potent alchemy to prevent insects from infesting our fields. This time, led by Ormgul, they have attacked the crops that sustain us all.

Ormgul the Grubmaster is the one who brought the infection to our farmland. Destroy him, and bring me whatever he uses to attract the bugs to our land.


You will receive: 15g 80s (at level 101)


The Rivermane are a peaceful tribe. We provide the others with food and healing in exchange for protection and equipment.

When pressed, however, I am willing to put my magic to more violent use.


Now we have what they used to spray our fields. I wonder what use we could put this to...


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv boot cloth legionquest100 b 01.png [Snowblind Treads] Inv boot leather legionquest100 b 01.png [Drogstitch Footwraps]
Inv boot mail legionquest100 b 01.png [Whitewater Sabatons] Inv boot plate legionquest100 b 01.png [Thunderpeak Warboots]
Inv misc bugsprayer.png [Ormgul's Bug Sprayer] Inv misc food 25.png [Poison-Resistant Pumpkin]
Spell nature natureresistancetotem.png [Cleansed Poison Idol]

You will also receive:




  1. N [10-45] The Lone Mountain
  2. N [10-45] Keepers of the Hammer
  3. N [10-45] The Rivermane Tribe
  4. N [10-45] Ormgul the Pestilent & N [10-45] Poisoned Crops & N [10-45] Infestation
  5. N [10-45] The Flow of the River
  6. N [10-45] Trapped Tauren & N [10-45] Fish Out of Water & N [10-45] Spray and Prey
  7. N [10-45] Lifespring Cavern
  8. N [10-45] Balance of Elements & N [10-45] Invading Spelunkers
  9. N [10-45] Crystal Fury
  10. N [10-45] High Water
  11. N [10-45] The Underking Comes

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