Image of Orophea
Race Soul (Undead)
Level 62 Rare
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Ruin's Cradle, Maw[23.7, 21.4]
Status Killable

Orophea is a soul located at the western end of Ruin's Cradle in the Maw.

When Orophea is active, head east into Ruin's Cradle, loot Eurydea's Amulet from Eurydea's Necklace at [26.8, 29.3], then return to the rare and use the bonus ability between casts. Orophea puts out four blasts, then pauses for a few seconds.

Orophea yells: Is it you? My beautiful Eurydea... I promise not to turn around this time.
Orophea yells: Wait... you are not her. Impostor!

Killing Orophea awards 80 points of standing with Ve'nari, roughly 50 [Stygia], and 300 points of threat (30% of a level) of Eye of the Jailer. Orophea may also drop  [Orophea's Lyre],  [Pantaloons of the Condemned Bard], and  [Fallen Adventurer's Cache].


  • Sha spell fire fireball02.png  Miserable Bolt — Inflicts Shadow damage to an enemy. 
  • Spell shadow coneofsilence.png  Mournful Dirge — Wails out a melancholy song, inflicting Shadow damage to all nearby enemies and causing them cry uncontrollably, stunning them for 4 sec. 
  • Spell holy divinehymn.png  Overpowering Dirge — Singing an entrancing Dirge for lost love. 
  • Spell shadow soulleech 3.png  Overwhelming Grief — Overwhelming Grief strikes areas nearby, inflicting Shadow damage to players within 4 yards. 

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Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.

There was a cut daily quest to soothe Orophea.


  • Orophea and the aggro yells regarding Eurydea are a reference to the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice.

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