For Orgrimmar's orphanage, see Orgrimmar Orphanage.

The orphanage

The Stormwind orphanage houses the human orphans of various wars and conflicts from the recent history of Stormwind. It is run by John Turner and his wife Stephanie, but as both are busy collecting supplies or crafting clothes the orphans are cared for and overseen by Orphan Matron Nightingale and Shellene. The orphanage is located in the Cathedral Square area of the city, just south-east of the Cathedral of Light.

The orphanage was originally meant to house children who had lost parents due to the attacks by the Scourge in the last decade. Young paladins often donated clothes to the orphanage in their quest for enlightenment.[1][2]

Children in the orphanage

During the Children's Week event, Alliance heroes are encouraged to temporarily adopt orphans and show them some sights beyond the orphanage.



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